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In fact, he developed some of his shooting skills in the fields in and around the Charlton area.
(Trevor previously worked at Eddie Gladden' s farm on the Aynho Road and him and often enjoyed a day's shooting with "Podge" Thornton.)

Trevor left Charlton to live in the Isle of Mann some years ago and was representing the Isle of Mann when he won his medal. Trevor still visits Charlton from time to time to see family and friends who still live in Charlton, Kings Sutton and the surrounding area – including his brother Colin who continues to maintain the "Boyles" family tradition of caring for Charlton Cemetery

Andy Boyles. Witney, Oxon
Former Charlton resident, Trevor Boyles, has won a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne Australia. Trevor (Left in photo) won his medal along with a fellow team member while shooting clays in the Men's Paired Trap.

Trevor grew up in Charlton and will be well known to many longer standing Charlton residents.