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Now that the badgers have been sighted and activity spotted all over the village I am in a quandry as to where hedge hogs taken into care can be released.

I have not seen any in the wild for some four years, prior to that Hogg Lane was a busy through road and they visited regularly.

Badgers kill and eat hedge hogs, and other hazards can be cars, open drains, bonfires, netting and enclosed spaces.

If you know of anyone who lives in a badger free area with safe travel between gardens, do please contact me.  I have 9 autumnlings (hedge hogs born to late to acquire sufficient weight to survive hibernation)  which I have kept snug, awake and warm through the winter.

They will be ready for release into the wild mid to late April.

Anne Buckingham 01295 811320   (April 2017)