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(February 2010) Hello, - My name is Lynne Thornton and I am researching my family history and trying to build my tree. I noticed your village had a butchers shop in the past owned by Mr. Harry Thornton. I just wonder if there is any connection that you may know with Thorntons at Aynho and My grandfather John. and his father Robert born at Adderbury.1845 If anyone knows of any connections please let me know......
(further email March 2010) -Thanks very much for your fast response. - Yes please do print my letter on your letters page, that would be wonderful and perhaps I will get a reply's ok to put my email address on too. I have attached a photo of John Thornton and his wife Selina taken at Tackley, looks like 1930's he was the Railway signalman there. I have discovered that John's father....Robert 1845 married Hannah Tidmarsh from Gt.Rollright. Robert Thornton was Wharf Manager at Aynho Canal.  Robert's parents were Charlotte Flint and Thomas Thornton 1818.

Lynne, I do hope you have some reply and help to build your family tree - thanks for memories - webmaster

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Anon February 2010 - Dear Webmaster
My enquiry stems from the time I spent living in Bell Barn Cottage, next door to the Old Bell from 1980.
The cottage was finally sold by me in 1987 and I have many happy memories of the village.
Recently Wilf Gant's name came up in discussion when someone was admiring a companion set that sits in my hearth. Wilf made it for me in 1980 and it is one of the few objects that has stayed with me through ten house moves. The tongs can still pick up a pin and the dustpan is as good as the day he fashioned it with handmade rivets thirty years ago. The set is a real work of art and it is used every day that a fire is lit in our house. I noted Wilf's name in a letter posted on your site and it would be great to hear about him.

The website was a delight to discover and it's good to see that the community spirit we enjoyed all those years ago seems to be continuing in the village.

Thanks for letter, greatly appreciated - webmaster
Janet Edinburgh (January 2009)
Hello, it is lovely to look at your web site. I have the book about Charlton & Newbottle & it is fantastic.
My father's family, the Rawbones, came from Newbottle ; my grandfather Arthur Rawbone moved to Hinton Grounds in 1919.
I know my oldest uncle was born at Oxpens. I would be interested to hear from anyone who remembers the Rawbones.

Thanks for Email, anyone with information please contact Janet -webmaster
(October 2007) - A few words from an old "Fuddy-Duddy" or "Old Fogies" of Charlton . . . .
- the names I heard candied about regularly when referring to us older residents prior to the Parish Council Elections. So I thought you might like to know what these "Old Fogies" (many still alive and involved) have done for our village and the community.

Raised major funds twice for the Church renovation and continue to support it through donations etc., at the Fete. - Taken the village hall from an uninsurable, heartless wreck, with no amenities, dreadful floors and windows to what it is today. - Taken the play field from a stone littered field to a viable sports field with a pavillion, play equipment and parking area. - Campaigned to thwart the M40 coming through or close to our village. Policed the village and win the 'best village' award. Fund raised and campaigned to better and retain our wondeful school.  - Celebrated royal and war anniversaries with decoration, costume parties and street parties. Held regular bonfire and firework parties,plays, music hall and pantomimes from way back.

Many clubs have been started, covering youth club and girls brigade to the older generation with Friendship Club. Many have failed due to lack of support but many still survive. Fund raising activities have been:- Horse Rides, Gymkanas, Produce and Flower Shows, Dog Shows, Live Music Events, Midsummer Madness, Beetle and Whist Drives, Bingo, Halloween, Period and Victorian Evenings, Car Booting, Jumble Sales, Table Top Sales, Open Gardens, Carol Singing, Country and Maypole Dancing, Millenium Calendar, Group Trips to Plays and Panto's out of the village - We have campaigned to keep footpaths open, taken floral and fauna surveys -even Wilf Grant designed and made our commemorative lamp post and cemetery gates . . . . I am sure in my dotage I have forgotten many other accomplishments of us village "Old Fogies" . . . . . so do let me know and maybe we will start an "Old Fogies" webpage or website?

Love and XXX's, from your old Charlton Fuddy-Duddy

Name and address supplied-Webmaster
Hello, it was lovely to find your website. My husbands ancestors, the Markhams, come from Charlton and Newbottle.
I'm currently researching the family tree. William Markham is pictured in the book 'Charlton and Newbottle: A tale of Two Villages. -I often wonder what life there was like in the 1800s ?

Rebekah, Coventry. (June 2006)

Thanks Rebeka for your letter -Good Luck with the research! ...and if anyone can help her with info on The Markhams, I am sure Rebeka would love to hear from you. -Webmaster
Happy New Year to all the residents in the village.
It was wonderful to read the newsletter and catch up on all the news. Gareth and I now live in Birmingham but regularly visit thevillage and enjoy keeping in touch with dear friends there. We wish you a healthy and happy 2006. Congratulations to Nigel Williams and Liz Morgan on their respective marriages.

Joanna Brown (Cliffe) (December 2005)

Thanks Joanna -We ALL wish you and Gareth the same healthy and happy new year to come! -Webmaster
Hello everybody. I was introduced to your web site by a friend, Barbara Parrs who was, she lived in the village and her two sisters still do. I was very interested in the letter by "Libby" about Mr Wilf Grant. Libby as far as I know that story was just for you, I never recall hearing it anyway. Wilf was my uncle. He, my grandfather Frank Grant, and my great grandfather Samuel Grant were all blacksmiths in Charlton at the Forge. My mother was Olive Grant.

I have spent many chilly, but happy times watching horses being brought in and being shod. The smell of the shoes burning onto the hooves and the often needed reassurance that the horse was not being hurt, stays with me forever. I have fond memories of the village. Talking my grandmother into letting me get sweets from the little shop, lovely walks aroung the Roman Camp, big slices of bacon from the freshly slaughtered pig that hung in the hall at my grandparents house, ooh the flavour. Fresh veggies and plums from the allotment at the back of the forge. The big stone wheel there with a little tap on top that dripped, to sharpen knives.

Falling down in the cherry orchard, still bear the scars on my knee of that one ! Served me right was all the sympathy I got as I was not supposed to be there. Picking violets and primroses in the ' huge' Newbottle Woods as a child. I was quite disappointed to realize when I grew up that they were really quite small. My parents were married at Newbottle and I have a lot of family members buried in the churchyard now.

I have lived in the States for nearly 40 years, but whenever I go 'back home' I always visit Charlton. My parents are gone now, there are no Grants left in the village, sad really after all these years, Marjorie is the only living child of the Grants now, she is 95.

Good luck with the web site, and thank you for a lovely stroll down memory Lane. Jill Godden Bureau -From: "Jill Bureau" <> (December 2005)

Pleased to hear from you and the 'memories' -we all still have fond memories of talking to "Wilf" at the forge -Webmaster
Our Trip To Australia..... By John Williams © December 2005 - Just thought that folks might like to know that Liz Morgan (formerly of 7 Cartwright Road, Charlton Cherries and Girls Brigade etc. etc.) is getting married in Finlay, Australia on New Years Eve. Finlay is about 3hrs north of Melbourne and she is marrying Daniel whom she met at Southend on Sea where they both teach and where they will be living. There is to be a blessing at Newbottle on Saturday 8th April.
If Katrina is still looking for a rambling club, then if she could contact Diane Morgan who is a member of The Cherwell Ramblers. (David Morgan December 2005)

-Pleased to hear the news and send all our best wishes for the Big Day! -Webmaster
My grandmother was from Newbottle, baptized in St.James in 1870, so have always wanted to see the village.
When I was a child, she used to tell us how pretty it was on Primose Hill. I have been to Newbottle and surrounding area three times. We ran into some confusion on the first trip and couldn't understand why Charlton didn't have a parish church! We eventually found out there were two Charlton 's in Oxfordshire, the other Charlton on Otmoor about ten miles (?) distant.

Our original Butler family were living in Charlton on Otmoor then sometime between l776 but prior to l8l6 they relocated to Kings Sutton and then around l840-50 moved to Newbottle where they were living in the house right outside the manor house.
In 1890, my grandmother went to London, met a man from Essex and lived the rest of her life in that county. I am sure there must be some Butler descendents living in the general area of Newbottle, Banbury and surrounding towns. My great grandmother was an Elizabeth Butler. Her parents. Thomas Butler and Mary Moss had many siblings - Ann, Thomas, Susannah, John, our Elizabeth, William and Ellen, all born in that order from l839 until l859 who were living in Kings Sutton, Charlton and Newbottle during that time period. The dates of birth for the last two indicate they were born in Newbottle. The parents were married in St.James in 1838. Thomas Butler died about l876 and Mary Moss Butler died December 1881.

The Sturch surname is another coincidence. This was my American husband's mother's name, the family originally from Warwickshire who emigrated to America around l852 going to Cleveland, Ohio at first, ending up in Iowa about l868. My English grandmother b. l870 married into the Pepper family in Essex . An Elizabeth Pepper, 1873, from Essex, married a Thomas Sturch from Banbury probably in the l890's. Sturch is an unusual name so was surprised to know that we had the Sturch name both in the American and English lines in the late l800's. Maybe there are some descendents from this couple living in the general area of Banbury today.

Am always interested in anything from Oxford/Northants to hand down to the children and grandchildren. As you must have guessed, my hobby is genealogy! Frances - Michigan (6 October 2005)

Thanks for your email and for your memories, I do hope those descendants in the area make contact -Webmaster.

I am James Charles Lane and now reside at Warminster in Wiltshire. I moved to live at Charlton in 1933 aged two years when my father, Thomas Lane, who was manager of the Charlton Branch of the Co-operative Society shop in the village. We lived in the village until 1945 when my father was moved to the Adderbury Branch. At that time the "Co-op" was a thriving concern used by virtually everyone. Next door to the "Co-op" was the Baker who also had a shop selling sweets as well as bread and cakes. This business was owned by Mr and Mrs Durrant. The Butchers shop was owned by Mr Harry Thornton and the Blacksmith was then was Mr Grant who at that time was still kept busy shoeing horses.

I started at the village school when the teacher was Miss Taylor. My good friend was Robert Frost whose father kept the "Rose and Crown" And his grandfather had only just given up his regular job as Village Carrier attending Banbury on Thursdays and Saturdays – his Carriers Cart was still kept in the barn at the back of the pub. I can recall that life was much quieter in those days- there were only eight motor car owners, including the two "Big Houses", and the bus came from Banbury on Thusdays,Saturdays and Sundays – two buses on each day. My family have always lived in the Banbury area and I go back there whenever I'm in the vicinity. If any one remembers us I would like to hear from you. In the meantime I'll follow your website.

Best wishes. (23 September 2005)

Nice to hear from you James and for your memories,I do hope those who know you in the village make contact -Webmaster
Dear Webmaster: My name is Beverly Kablinger, formerly Christophers. I was raised in Charlton along with my brother and sisters. Marlene, Colin, Carol and Libby. Our mother, Peggy passed away 6 years ago in Banbury. Our father, Henry, often referred to by the villagers as Chris, is a resident at Diana House in Brackly. He is now 93 years old and doing wonderfully.

I now reside in St. Petersburg, Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico, where for the past four years I have, along with my husband Joseph, been busy building our own company in addition to working with the University of South Florida in neonatal research programs. Please feel free to share my e-mail address and mailing address as you feel the need. I would really like to again be in contact with other village residents of whom I have some wonderful memories. Thank you for this wonderful website!

My very best regards
Beverly Christophers-Kablnger - 4651 First St., N.E., #201B - St. Petersburg, FL 33703 USA - Beverly Kablinger Tel: (727) 535-6878 Fax: (954) 212-3188 (12 January 2005)

Nice to hear from you Beverley, and I do hope those who know you in the village make contact -Webmaster
It was so nice to find this site. I moved to Charlton at age 4 in 1958 and lived there until I was 21. Seeing the pictures brought back many memories. I went to the school Miss Wellings was headmistress for the first few years then Mrs. Scotson took over when I was about 8. She only stayed a few years and now lives in Scotland. I am to this day in regular contact with her, so you can see a good teacher makes quite an impression on a young child. The picture of the forge brought a sweet story to mind that I would like to share.

Every day on my way home from school I leaned over the half door of the forge to speak with Mr. Wilf Grant, if he was not making shoes I always asked him what he was making, the usual conversation was "What are you making Mr. Grant" " Well Nibby it's a Wim Wam" - " What's A Wim Wam Mr. Grant" - "Oh its a Wim Wam to wind the moon with" " Why would you want to wind the moon" - " Well to make it shine of course" each day the same question. Some days it was not just a Wim Wam but a Wim Wams mother or brother or some relative but they were always to wind the moon with. I remember at the old age of 7 thinking there was no moon one night and assumed Mr. Grant had been to busy that day to make the required Wim Wam needed to wind the moon for that day. So when it thunders its really Mr. Grant up there making a really big Wim Wam to wind the moon, as I see it shining still over here in America.

In all the years I knew him Mr. Grant always called me Nibby instead of Libby I wonder if he ever did find out my name. I live in Georgia in south east U.S.A. I tell my husband stories of home and hopefully soon we will be able to visit and I can show him all the places I have told him about. I must admit I do miss village life. I would love to know if Mr. Grant ever told any one else the same story. I will be checking back with the site often and hope more stories appear. I would love to hear from anyone there, my e mail address is So this is one of the many fond memories of my childhood in the village. For those that can remember that far back I was then Libby Christophrers now Curtis . I lived in The Walnuts now called Walnut House in Main Street. (2 January 2005)

Nice to hear from you Libby and of your Memory - pleased also to hear your father is happy and healthy living in Brackley at 93 years of age! another character of the village we sadly miss talking to - webmaster
Dear Charlton/Newbottle web-people, I found your site by accident, and it has made me very homesick! I spent my childhood living at Croughton, just down the road from you. is there any chance of putting a page on your site with a tiny bit of the history of the place? I know that Rainsborough Camp is just outside Charlton (I used to cycle to it).
By the way, - I'm an artist by profession, and have quite a bit of my art online.

This picture on the page might look like a familiar place..This view is from a photo looking south from near the junction of the Charlton-Croughton road and one that went southwest towards Aynho - as it appeared in about 1975.

Thanks again!

James Dignan (5 November 2004)
Thanks James - We are up for adding a page or two on Rainsborough etc - anyone out there who wants to send in any info/pictures? -webmaster
Just emailing to say 'WELL DONE!' It's great to see a website page 'up and running' for the village.

I'm fairly new in Charlton and have enjoyed perusing this website. But it struck me that not all the photos do us justice - particularly the one of the pub, which had such stunning hanging baskets decorating it recently.
I'm particularly interested in the historical connections of the Village and would be interested in a copy of the book mentioned (Charlton and Newbottle -The History of Two Villages). I also wonder if there is a rambling association or 'walking club' that covers trails within the local area?

Cheers, Katrina (10 September 2004) Anyone able to help? email us and we will pass on info -webmaster
G'Day & strife what a lovely supprise to get an E-Mail from the good folks back home, do you remember the underneath -the -arches sketch? great memories-the Poachers etc. So how is the good village of Charlton doing ? we often boast to people over here about it, they just love to hear about England and when we describe were we used to live -it's WHY did you leave? Well next month it's going to be 3years since we arrived in Australia, where did that time go? at the moment we are still living in our caravan I nicknamed it the TARDIS as we have been doing a fair bit of traveling and because of the vast distances involved we never quite knew where we were going to end up for the night hence The Tardis!!

We have just got back from a wonderful trip around the Eyre Peninsula in S-Australia it's quite isolated but some really nice little towns. As I said we are still living in our caravan and yes we still talk to each other !! Most of the folk who travel in OZ do the complete circumferance we go round in big circles and end up at either Steve or Karen's still that was the main reason we moved here to see more of them.

Talking of contact this E-Mail system is magic as you can probably see we are very new to it,we found this mobile machine which we take to a phone box dial a number and Hey-Presto. On that note I will sign off now but will send a more interesting letter with updates on the Family and of life for us over here. We are so pleased to have made contact with you.....lots of love to EVERYONE in CHARLTON

- from ALAN & BABS GRIGSON ( 4th July 2004)

Nice to hear from the old folks!-webmaster