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From Sunday 13th September there will be some changes to bus services in the Brackley area. 

Sorry for the short notice of these changes but the final details were only confirmed in the last few days. 

There are changes to service 8, 499 and 500 which complement each other and the new housing to the north of Brackley.
Service 499:
This service is being revised to focus much more on the busiest section of route between Kings Sutton and Banbury providing more journeys to and from Banbury between about 0930 and 1400.  This has meant using the bus provided by Heyfordian differently, and as a consequence it will no longer be serving Humphries Drive in Brackley, instead terminating at Brackley Market Place.  However it will be partly replaced by service 500 which will now run up Halse Road to serve the new Radstone Fields housing development.
It also means that fewer buses serve Evenley although a peak service and an off-peak service are still provided.  However, Evenley will now also be served by service 8.  We feel that this balances the demand along the route.
Humphries Drive and Evenley are also both on the County Connect service.

Service 500:
As stated above, this service is revised to run up and down Halse Road in order to provide a service to the new Radstone Fields development, and this will also act as a part replacement service for the lesser-used section of route 499 within Brackley.

Service 8:
This has been revised to serve Evenley instead of Juniper Hill.  This replaces service 499 as the main service between Evenley and Brackley, but also provides direct journeys about every 2 hours to Bicester, Towcester and Northampton.

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