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Lighten Up! -Be aware of distraction Burglaries! (November 2007) -Unfortunatley whilst England were playing at Wembley last week one of the residents in Charlton experienced a two people breaking into her home, sitting silently watching the match, two invaders forced a front door and made entry. The police have leads and consider this to be a random attack because the property was dark and appeared as if occupants were out -the description of these individuals were of Eastern European origin. DO NOT OPEN your door to anyone you do not know! -especially those selling door to door!
Please be extra careful as we approach the holidays, not to show anything of value looking through windows and the police recommend that when leaving your property leave some lights on and even consider buying some timer switchs that will operate random lighting -it will be less expensive to use some electricity than to be faced with replacing something valuable or repairs these criminals cause -or the fright of being face to face with them!

Got an urgent problem but don't know who to call? - Well, if you call Police with a non-police related emergency from July 3, you'll be bounced to Boing. Around 27 per cent of the 999 calls made to Northamptonshire Police last year were not police emergencies but many of them came from people in a real crisis that needed help to find a plumber, chemist or electrician out-of-hours for example.
From July 3, when police receive such a call, they will Boing it – putting it through to a special information service that can help callers find the right people to deal with a non-police related crisis. The Boing service allows Northamptonshire Police to put callers through to an organisation that can give them the sort of help they need at the first point of contact. It also help by taking away calls that should rightly be directed elsewhere, freeing us to deal with calls about crime and other incidents in a timely way. Boing operates a 24-hour service, seven days a week. Ten police forces around the country are already putting people through to their service. This service comes at no cost to Northamptonshire Police, and no cost to the caller other than that of the call they have made.
Boing can contacted direct by the public on 0800 587 0548 or view their website:

"PARENTS URGED TO COMPLY WITH NEW CAR SEAT LEGISLATION" - Northamptonshire County Council is urging parents of older children to make sure they are ready for a change in the law on children's car seats or risk a fine of up to £500. New laws which came into force on 18 September will place a new responsibility on parents to make sure that children up to 135 cms in height (approximately 4ft 5ins) or up to 12 years of age use an appropriate child restraint. The detailed rules are:
· Children under 135cms and under 12 years old must use the appropriate child car seat in a vehicle .
· Drivers are legally responsible for ensuring children under 14 use seat belts or child restraints in cars and goods vehicles. Those 14 years and above are legally responsible for themselves.
· Rear-facing baby seats must not be used in a seat protected by a frontal air-bag unless it has been deactivated.
• Children under three must use the child restraint appropriate for their weight in all cars, van and goods vehicles.
· There are three exceptions which allow children three years to 135cms to travel in the rear and use and adult belt and these are:
1. in a licensed taxi or private hire vehicle if the right child restraint is not available
2. for an unexpected necessity over a short distance and 3. where two occupied child seats in the rear prevent the fitting of a third.
· The penalties for non-compliance are a £30 fixed penalty notice. If a case goes to court the maximum fine is £500.
In 2004 there were some 200,000 fixed penalty notices and 5,000 cases went to court.