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This is a message from Northamptonshire West Police to members of Neighbourhood Watch in Northamptonshire West.

Distraction Burglaries have recently occurred in other parts of the country where the victim receives a telephone call from a male person purporting to be an engineer involved with Digital Switchover. The male informs the victim that due to having recently had a new Freeview digital box installed, he would like to come along and carry out an examination in relation to the installation work. The victim agrees and is told that he will attend within the hour. Within 15 minutes the male attends the property and is shown to where the television and digital box are located. Later the victim discovers property has been stolen from within the room where this alleged work was carried out. One victim made enquiries with the Digital Switchover Helpline to discover they had no record of this alleged work.

Suspect Description: Male, White, 5'10", aged in his 40's, medium build, fair hair, balding, clean shaven, no distinguishing accent wearing brown shoes and blue jeans. He was also wearing a navy blue raincoat / anorak type and had in his possession a black leather briefcase with a logo of some kind on the front of the case. The offender was driving a small white van parked nearby, make and model and index number unknown at this time.

If you do have any information in connection with a Distraction Burglary or Rogue Doorstep Trader, you can now call our dedicated number 0345 23 07 702 set up by Doorstep Action Network (DAN) to provide a better service for preventing and detecting Distraction Burglaries and Rogue Doorstep traders.

** PLEASE REMEMBER: If a crime is in progress you must call 999 **

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE COMMUNITY MESSAGING - Northamptonshire West - 31/07/09 BT Service Scam
We would like to advise you of information regarding a telephone fraud (received via a Police Operation being carried out by Norfolk Police.   A professional sounding adult male phones the victim (victims chosen are listed in the phone directory) stating he is calling from BT Collection Service because money is owed to BT. The caller states that the (victims) bank has stopped the Direct Debit and that money is immediately owed else the phone will be cut off.
The amount that is allegedly 'owed' has been less than £10 (typically £9 ). The caller requires the victims credit card details so that payment can be made. The caller also 'proves' he can easily cut off the victims phone telling them to hang up and try dialling out. It is then believed he puts them on 'hold' so that the line is still connected but of course the victim believes their line has been disconnected.
The offender then 'phones them back and again attempts to obtain their credit card detail. The main object is not the £9 but is to obtain the credit card data. The caller is described as very professional sounding" Keep your property secure at all times. It's important that all your doors and windows are locked. It's very important to remember that if your not expecting anyone, you must not open that door until you are sure they are genuine. Please can we ask all residents to pass on the following message to all friends, relatives and neighbours.
We would ask all residents to stay vigilant and remember to report any suspicious activity using the dedicated NHW number 01604 432 436, alternatively contact Northamptonshire West Police on 03000 111 222 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 quoting WB/CMS/438/09

The School Holidays (july 2009) usually bring an increase in the number of crimes affecting school buildings and equipment.
We would ask all residents to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity or vehicles close to or on school sites at all times of the day or night. If you see anything that arouses your suspicion, please report using the dedicated Neighbourhood Watch line 01604 432436, alternatively contact Northamptonshire West
Police or Crimestoppers on the numbers below quoting reference WB/CMS/382/09.
Please pass the details of this message, onto any friends and neighbours, especially if there is a school where you live.

This means that callers cannot be identified to the police and will not be interviewed or asked to give evidence. If you have any concerns that someone in your community is involved in crime please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.